Can I speak to somebody regarding a product?
Yes. Paul is available to offer his specialist knowledge and give advice on individual products or training packages 07795 060915
Delivery charges
Delivery charge of £4.25 per order
Payment methods
Yell Dog accepts cash, bank transfers and card payments (if paying by card a secure electronic invoice and payment option is sent to you). Card details are not stored by us.
How can I place my order?
You can place your order over the phone on 07795 060915 or online
Can I visit the shop?
Customers are welcome to visit by arrangement.
Shipping charges in case of a refund
A refund of original delivery charge will only be given in the instance of an incorrect or faulty item when returned.
Why are Yell Dog Care prices not fixed?
At Yell Dog Care I understand that all dogs are different and have different needs and so I keep my pricing fluid to reflect this. An increase in the number of dogs does not automatically mean a doubling of the price. Some dogs have specialist requirements including medical care, greater exercise needs, or an ongoing training regime to be followed. Whilst others are elderly and just want a sense of routine and affection. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. I am prepared to travel anywhere for the house sitting service, but this may incur extra costs for travel and if tickets are to be purchased, these will need to be paid for at the time of booking.
Do you take bookings for regular dog walking?
No, my aim with dog walking & garden exercise is more around stepping in to help when you are stuck at work or when your regular dog walker is on holiday or unavailable. There are numerous dog walkers available who will take long term daily contracts, but with me you can make arrangements for one off walks etc. I can also collect keys from another address and return them if necessary. Of course this may incur an extra charge depending upon locations.
What is the benefit in using the house sitting service?
Some dogs who are perhaps elderly or who have never lived away from their usual home environment can easily become stressed when they find themselves in a strange place, out of their normal routine and with little or no individual attention. Some dogs are aggressive towards other dogs and are best managed within their own home where they feel secure and are not forced to meet others. By using Yell Dog Care your dog/dogs can stay in their own familiar environment, eating, exercising and relaxing as normal with the added security for you that your home is occupied. Whilst Yell Dog Care has public liability insurance, home insurance is required if using this service.
I'm uncomfortable about having someone in my home, can you reassure me and tell me about the routine?
Do not worry about having me in your home. I am trustworthy having been previously been a Police officer for 25 years and am DBS checked. I am also vetted by the Cinnamon Trust to work as a volunteer going into the homes of vulnerable elderly people. I am flexible about start and finish times for each stay, so don’t worry about those odd time flights.   Hopefully we will meet in the planning stage before you go away or at least we will chat on the phone and I will ask lots of questions to be sure we understand each other about what we each need. I will want a specific timetable of what your dog needs – eg mealtimes, walk times and locations etc. as well as details about any issues your dog may have. Please be honest in this conversation.   I will arrive before you leave and will bring my own bedding, so just point me towards where I will sleep and let me know if I am sharing it with your dog.   We will agree an amount of time for me to be away from the address each day, this is not usually more than two hours at a time and I will be present every night. No other guests will be there.   I am happy to do some light chores for you eg watering the garden and house plants, errands and will pick up some shopping for you if needed before your return.   When you are due back I shall wait until you arrive home, if your flight is delayed, don’t worry.
Will my dog be OK with your dogs if boarding with you?
All dogs are different and at Yell Dog Care we have had lots of experience of new dogs coming and going as guests. We manage the introduction of all dogs and would preferably like to do this before your dog comes to stay, if we have the opportunity.   We are unable to accept dogs that have not been neutered or are not up to date with vaccinations including kennel cough or who have dog aggression. That is to protect our own pets. We have a neutered male Chinese Crested and a spayed female Dutch Herder. They are unlikely companions you would think but but live together happily. We find it best to introduce other dogs slowly and individually to each other in a controlled environment. We have never been unable to have any dogs together and we have had numerous different personalities here.
Why do you only walk/board dogs from one household at once?
If you use the services of Yell Dog Care you are paying for a quality and individual service for your pet. We all see dog walkers with numerous dogs being walked at once regardless of their individual personalities and needs and unsure as to whether the dogs or the walkers are actually enjoying it! I don’t want to become the millionaire with an empire, I just want to run a quality bespoke service.
Will you look after my other pets?
Whilst my speciality is dogs I am happy to look after other animals too. Please get in touch with your requirements and prices – but I don’t do children!
What areas do you cover?
Yell Dog Care is based in Horwich, Bolton, Greater Manchester but I am happy to travel anywhere for house sitting.